How to Support Christian Journalism by Becoming a Sponsor

Publications rely on advertising and subscriptions to help fund operating expenses. The Christian View magazine, in print and online, is offered free to readers, so advertising revenue from good sponsors is essential to share the Gospel through journalism. In addition, The Christian View magazine does not charge but rather donates free online advertising to non-profit organizations.

If you wish to become a sponsor to support the work and ministry of Christian journalism that supports our community, please click here to contact The Christian View magazine. This publication seeks sponsors with ethics and integrity to be partners in this ministry of evangelism journalism in print and online.

Through hundreds of articles and more than 8,000 photographs since 2004, The Christian View magazine has spread the Gospel through interviews with many individuals who have shared about their lives and their Christian faith, and The Christian View magazine has reported on many local events and has given coverage to many non-profit organizations and churches, to assist them in their ministries.

With a color ad, sponsors will reach readers in print and online at one affordable price. Ad sizes for print issues are as follows: A one-fourth page ad is 3.5 inches in width and 4.75 inches in height. A half-page ad is 7 inches in width and 4.75 inches in height. A full-page ad is 7 inches in width and 9.5 inches in height (actual size 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height without a border). The Christian View magazine offers sponsors free services for building the ad, unless a sponsor prefers to e-mail a pre-built ad in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Each print issue of The Christian View magazine, in its entirety with all of the articles and sponsors’ ads, will also be available online as a PDF on The Christian View magazine’s website, accessible free to readers locally and around the world. 

Thank you to the sponsors for caring about sharing Jesus through Christian journalism and sharing good news from our communities. Thank you for supporting the work and ministry of The Christian View magazine.