The Christian View Magazine, A Ministry of Christian Journalism

With the mission of being a lighthouse, shining the light of Christ, The Christian View magazine has always published truth and good news and the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In hundreds of articles and more than 8,000 photographs, The Christian View magazine has featured more than 1,700 individuals and many churches and charitable organizations, through coverage of many events and through in-depth interviews with many individuals sharing about their lives and sharing their Christian faith.

After a few years as an 11″ x 15″ printed black and white publication, with thousands of copies of each issue distributed free at churches and businesses throughout the Upstate, The Christian View magazine transformed into an online only full-color Christian news magazine for more than a decade, with in-depth articles and more than 8,000 photographs viewed by readers across the Upstate, and across South Carolina, and in all 50 states in the U.S., and in 173 countries. As supplements to the online magazine, two special free print issues were published — in 2018 an 11″ x 15″ black and white issue celebrating Pickens County’s Sesquicentennial and in 2019 an 8.5″ x 11″ full-color issue honoring local veterans (the first issue printed by Lighthouse Printing).

In late 2021, due to the necessity of the creation of a new website after the older website builder versions were phased out, The Christian View magazine returned to its roots as a printed publication (now 8.5″ x 11″ in size and in full color), with each new printed issue also available to read in digital format as a PDF (Portable Document Format) on The Christian View magazine’s new website, continuing a mission of internet evangelism. The Christian View magazine is now both a printed magazine and an online digital magazine.

Since its beginning, in 2004, The Christian View magazine has always been locally and independently owned and operated in Pickens County, South Carolina by journalist and former newspaper Editor Karen Brewer, who serves as Publisher, Editor, and General Manager. She is a Pickens County native who is descended from the county’s first settlers (the Cornelius Keith family, who, 280 years ago in 1743, settled the area that is now Pickens County but was then Cherokee land). Her ancestry also includes neighboring Oconee County, particularly Jocassee Valley, where her maternal grandmother was born and where her ancestors owned almost 500 acres, nearly all now buried beneath the waters of Lake Jocassee.

She is a graduate of Clemson University, where she majored in English (American and British Literature) and minored in Writing (Journalism) and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Liberal Arts (a wide field of studies in English, history, science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, government, Constitutional law, and foreign languages). She also earned a Master of Arts degree in English (American and British Literature) from Clemson University. 

For three years while an undergraduate student at Clemson, from age 18 to age 21, she was employed by Clemson University News Services and University Relations (Clemson University Media Relations), in the Trustee House on campus, where she wrote press releases for the university, and wrote articles for the university’s Clemson World magazine and other university publications, and wrote the script for a television spot, about Clemson University’s history, which aired on the local NBC affiliate, WYFF Channel 4. While an undergraduate student at Clemson, she also was a staff writer for The Tiger student newspaper, and she wrote about the Strom Thurmond Institute on Clemson University’s campus for The Clemson Messenger newspaper, and she and fellow journalism students created and wrote articles for a recurring printed newsletter, distributed free in the community, for Helping Hands of Clemson, a shelter and foster home for abused and neglected children.

From July 14, 1999 to May 13, 2004, she served all of the communities of Pickens County as the Editor of The Pickens Sentinel, a newspaper established in the county seat in 1871, and, while working 60 to 80 hours per week, she took hundreds of photographs and wrote thousands of news stories and feature stories as well as a first-person column entitled “Reflections” during those five years. Throughout all five years, she simultaneously covered many beats, including education (Pickens County School Board meetings and events at the elementary, middle, and high schools and local universities), government (Pickens County Council meetings and several city councils’ meetings, as well as interviews with political candidates on the local, state, and national levels), law enforcement (Pickens County Sheriff’s Office and police departments throughout the county), court (trials at the Pickens County Courthouse), breaking news, local veterans’ events, and she wrote about local churches and many local non-profit charitable organizations, local festivals and many other local events, and she wrote in-depth feature stories about local citizens and local history. While Editor of The Sentinel, she was asked by the Associated Press to report on political elections for the AP, and she was asked by local historians to write articles (about Pickens County tourism and historic places) for Sandlapper: The Magazine of South Carolina, and her articles and photographs were also published in other publications, including The Baptist Courier, the state publication of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. The South Carolina Press Association presented her awards for news reporting and for feature writing, for writing and for photography.

She began attending and joined a local Baptist church in 2001 and wanted to use journalism to share the Christian message. After The Pickens Sentinel was sold and the newspaper’s former General Manager passed away, she asked the advice of her Pastor and left the newspaper, starting this publication to focus on a mission of sharing the Gospel through Christian journalism. In June of 2004, she published the first issue, printed by Hiott Printing Company.

The Christian View magazine is now printed by Lighthouse Printing and is part of Lighthouse Media, and The Christian View magazine’s website is powered by Lighthouse Web Design, all owned by The Christian View magazine’s Publisher.

Although she has been a member of a Baptist church since 2001, and the South Carolina Baptist Convention asked her to serve with six Baptist Pastors on the Convention’s Resolutions Committee in 2007, The Christian View magazine is not exclusive to one denomination but includes all denominations of the Christian faith. The Christian View magazine and the magazine’s supporters partner together to share the Gospel message through Christian journalism.