Click on the front cover above to read this 56-page double issue, with 12 articles and 98 photographs, dedicated to Dr. David and Shirley Gallamore, honoring their 40 years of ministry at Rock Springs Baptist Church. in Easley.

This issue includes an article from The Christian View magazine’s interviews with Pastor Gallamore and Shirley Gallamore, about their lives and ministry, as well as articles and photographs sharing about events and memories through the years, including: when Pastor David Gallamore became Pastor of Rock Springs Baptist Church on September 11, 1983 and the church celebrated its centennial in October of 1983; when Rock Springs broke ground for a new sanctuary, on September 11, 1988, the fifth anniversary of Pastor Gallamore’s first sermon as Pastor;; construction of the 1990 sanctuary;, including when the steeple was placed in August of 1989;  when Rock Springs held its last service in the 1959 sanctuary and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the first service in the 1990 sanctuary,  on April 15, 1990; when Rock Springs dedicated the 1990 sanctuary, on May 20, 1990; when the Rock Springs congregation was presented an artist’s rendering of a proposed new sanctuary, on March 25, 2001; when Pastor Gallamore was honored with a Doctor of Divinity degree and Shirley Gallamore was honored with a Distinguished Service Award, on April 8, 2001; when Rock Springs broke ground for a new sanctuary on April 28, 2002;  when construction began for the new sanctuary in 2002;  when the steeple was placed, on July 16, 2003, atop the 2004 sanctuary under construction; when Rock Springs held its final Sunday service in the 1990 sanctuary, on May 9, 2004, and crossed over to pray in front of the new sanctuary;  when Rock Springs held its first service in the new sanctuary, on May 13, 2004; when Rock Springs dedicated the new sanctuary with the first Sunday services on May 16, 2004; when the steeple was removed from the 1990 sanctuary on August 11, 2005; photographs of the 2004 sanctuary as well as of the Rock Springs Baptist Church Sports Complex, the Impact Center, the Student Center, the Christian Fellowship Center, the new Social Hall, and the educational wing behind the sanctuary.